We’re proud to be official partners!

To all our valued customers,

We would like to inform and re-affirm to our customers of our commitment to our core suppliers including ABB. Whilst there has been some messaging that has gone out recently of ABB re-structuring their distribution partnerships in the Electrification Products division, as a partner of ABB we are not affected.

We continue to serve our customers as a technical distributor focusing on automation solutions. We work directly with multiple divisions of ABB and can still provide what is required for your complete solution. Should you have any further questions regarding ABB’s commitment to Remtron, please get in touch with myself or one of our many sales offices. As a purchaser of these brands, you have a choice on where you purchase them relating to your requirements. At Remtron, we pride ourselves in our customer service, our know how and our advice that we provide to customers. That is why our suppliers trust us to take their products out to the market.


Over the next few months, Remtron will increase stock holdings of our major brands in order to accommodate for increased market demand. Should your business wish to work in a closer partnership style arrangement with Remtron to accommodate for future work, please get in touch.

The Team at Remtron.

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