We understand the requirements of many industries when it comes to automation and process control.

Continually monitoring and measuring the performance effectiveness of equipment promotes transparency and is part of a continuous improvement platform.

There is a growing emphasis across industries on use of diagnostic and risk management tools. With maintenance issues being a primary factor in production downtime, there is a focus on automation and controls to support both predictive and preventative maintenance programs.

Managing operational costs and the need to promote power savings is also a significant driver, with electricity being a major cost for any plant operation.

Safety is always a critical issue with the potential for personnel injury.

Automation components with know-how

Water & Wastewater

Process controls supporting irrigation systems; pump station operation; pipeline distribution, waste water treatment; desalination (reverse osmosis) and water quality monitoring. Efficient monitoring systems to minimise water loss and contamination. Monitoring systems to meet EPA and DoH guidelines.

Food & Beverage

Automation components supporting applications including conveyor line, sorting, mixing, palletising, labelling and packaging. Process controls that support meeting food safety and hygiene requirements, traceability and quality control including heat sensing, temperature control and process flow. Ensuring protection from spoilage, loss and contamination, inadequate sterilisation and burns injury.


Low voltage products for various heating, ventilation and cooling applications – covering commercial buildings to hospitals, data centres, clean rooms and chillers. Products and systems that ensure reliable climate control, continuous operation with uninterrupted performance, energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.


Integrated process automation and control systems supporting various chemicals plants producing – agricultural chemicals, consumer-based (soaps, perfumes etc.), industrial gases, industrial surface coatings, plastics and polymers, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and biofuels/biogas.

Process stability, performance and productivity, and safety is paramount; process automation and accurate monitoring systems that ensure consistent, homogeneous extraction/distillation quality, batch control, reduced emissions and regulatory compliance.

Marine & offshore

Power and automation products and process controls supporting operations on board, and at the terminal – supporting power generation and distribution ship-to-shore; gate, crane and rail operation; container handling, and vessel motor efficiency (marine certified drives and motors).

Mining & Minerals Processing

Product solutions that support quarrying, mining and minerals processing activity – covering the drilling, blasting, hauling, stockpiling, crushing and conveying, and transportation of ore, and mine laboratory sample processing. Both open-pit and underground mining.

Automation and control and drive systems designed to perform in extreme and hazardous environments.


Product solutions that support the handling, smelting and processing of metals – covering raw material yards, ovens and furnaces, mills, continuous casters and processing lines, and transport.

Power solutions and process control, instrumentation, sensors, drives, switchgear, Motor Control Centers, motors and analyzers designed to ensure optimal product quality, performance and safety; reducing energy consumption throughout the production process, and ensuring environmental compliance.

Pulp & Paper

Pulping, packaging, and papermaking employ complex industrial processes. Ensuring pulp and paper quality and production yield is key; the ability to monitor fibre products, ensure pulp mixture and paper quality, and measure quality consistency is critical.

Process control and measurement products designed to assist in meeting quality targets, whilst improving productivity and reducing costs; including control systems, state-of-the-art paper machine drives, actuators, and measurements.


Power and automation products and process controls that support quarrying activity, through to cement production. Solutions that ensure the consistent delivery of quality product, stability and safety, energy efficiency, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Our range of products – power factor correction, instrumentation, analysers, switchgears and control systems – support every phase of facilities operation through plant conveyor, mill, calciner, kiln and coolers.

Oil & Gas

Instrumentation, process automation and power management supporting upstream, midstream and downstream facilities operation; both onshore and offshore facilities, conventional and unconventional.

Products that ensure efficient, reliable and safe operations with reduced lifecycle costs applied across well systems, gas and oil separation plants; manifold and gathering systems; pipelines, tankers and terminals.


Power – Coal Fired, Renewables, Solar and Wind

Automated systems that ensure stability, safety, efficiency and reliability of power generation, transmission and distribution. Control systems that assist the monitoring and reduction of emissions. Appropriate control systems are dependent on the primary energy source (coal fired and renewables) and power generation mechanism and include distributed control systems (DCS), safety instrumentation systems, supervisory control and data acquisition, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Through our subsidiary, Radius Energy we deliver clean and affordable commercial and industrial solar energy solutions from the installation of solar panels and solar lighting to solar eco battery storage. We are an award-winning Clean Energy Council accredited installer.

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