Festo Stainless-steel Valve Control Cabinets

Festo Stainless-steel Valve Control Cabinets

Complete engineering solutions according to your application-specific requirements.

Remtron is now offering a range of made-to-measure stainless-steel valve control cabinets, to protect all pneumatic, electrical and electronic system components.

The control cabinets are individually designed and built for the respective application, taking into account specific industry requirements such as those in the mining, food or water industries.

As an official partner of Festo, Remtron is expanding its service offering into the market, by providing these solutions with varying specifications, built ready-to-install.

Key Points:

  • Proven & Durable design – Remtron have over 20 years of experience working with Festo and supplies cabinets to OEM’s.
  • Reliable – The valve terminal design, along with sloped roof housing is knon for reliably controlling flow of air or other gasses within mining equipment. With or without monitoring options, reducing the risk of downtime due to valve failures.
  • Compact design – Valve banks can be designed to be compact, saving valuable space for existing brownfield sites where expansion may occur.
  • Adaptability – Valve banks can be easily integrated into existing equipment or systems allowing flexibility and connectivity.
  • Complete engineering solution according to your application-specific requirements.

Manufactured in Melbourne by Remtron, our preference is to use quality brands alongside this solution such as Rittal, Phoenix. For customers who would like these items remote monitored, we have our SECOMEA monitoring system.

Otherwise, for a tailor made solution to your needs, get in touch with Daniel Castley or Stuart Styling to discuss your needs.

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