We supply energy-efficient lighting and solar products, and other power-saving solutions for commercial and industrial applications.


We are proud to partner with leading Australian company S-tech to deliver modern, energy efficient, LED industrial lighting solutions. The S-tech range of ceiling, canopy, tower, high bay and outdoor LED lighting is known for its durability and reliable performance and has been designed to meet Australian standards.

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Solar Solutions

Through our subsidiary, Radius Energy we deliver clean and affordable commercial and industrial solar energy solutions from the installation of solar panels and solar lighting to solar eco battery storage. We are an award-winning Clean Energy Council accredited installer.

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Power Saving Solutions

Through our subsidiary, Radius Energy, we provide solutions from ABB that deliver power savings. ABBs Power Factor Correction low voltage compensators and capacitor banks help to balance fluctuating demand, unlock additional capacity and reduce energy waste. ABB SynRM motor and drive packages deliver high efficiency and reduced energy use for fixed, and variable, motor speed applications.

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Energy Solutions

Radius Energy is a subsidiary of Remtron.

Our Energy Brands

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