Brady Personal Electrical Lockout Kit

An essential for any electrician, these kits provide their own set of lockout devices.

The Personal Electrical Lockout Kit contains lockouts for use on most circuit breakers, electrical plugs and disconnect switches. Includes a rugged polypropylene toolbox with nickel-plated steel clasps, two handy storage pockets built into the lid, and a removable tray.

The 3-In-1 Plug Lockout has 2 rotating top lids that can be used individually or together to fit small, medium & large-diameter cords up to 25mm.

Clamp-on breaker lockouts fit a wide range of single-pole and internal-trip multi-pole breakers and easy is to install using the proprietary thumbwheel design – no screwdrivers needed.

Mini Cable Lockouts are perfect for use on disconnect switches and small gate valve.

Hasps are constructed of vinyl-coated high tensile steel with rust-resistant plating.

Keep a tag on it – Tags are constructed of heavy duty polyester that withstands moisture.

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