Compressed Air

Parker compressed air solutions.

A global industrial giant, Parker’s pneumatic and compressed air product range is extensive, providing best-of-breed solutions for every application. Parkers broad range of air and gas treatment, dryer, filtration, purification, and separation products are designed to increase your productivity and profitability.

At Remtron, we deliver everything you need from the Parker’s range to ensure optimal enhancement, protection and performance of your compressed air system.

Our specialist team has a significant track record in compressed air solutions helping to design energy saving systems and assisting end-users and automation specialists to develop whole of factory pneumatic installations.

Compressed Air products available from our Albury branch.

Parker compressed air solutions.

Parker’s range of air dryers and filtration systems are engineered to provide quality treatment for compressed air and to eliminate costly contamination problems. Parker’s innovative range of systems ensure reliability, efficiency, energy savings, and compact dimension and weight – making them ideal for all industrial users.